Sunday, February 23, 2014

Only one passenger car on the market lasts, on average, more than 200,000 miles in this Top 10 list. Guess before you look.

Only one car makes the list, Honda's Accord. The rest are pickups and SUVs (click on link to see the rest): 

"If you want to own a vehicle that you can drive into the ground -- and then wonder why it refuses to die -- then maybe you should be driving a big truck or SUV. 
That seems to be the conclusion of a study from a website that aggregates millions of used-car sales listings around the country. went looking for listings of vehicles with at least 200,000 miles on the odometer. It says it analyzed 30 million listings from 1981 to 2010. 
Conclusion: In the search for the top 12 vehicles that have clocked at least 200,000 miles, only one was a car. In last place, in a three-way tie, came the Honda Accord. The rest of the list has nothing but trucks -- pickups or SUVs."---From USA Today.
Thee vehicles and the percentage of them showing at least 200,000 miles
1. Ford F-250 Super Duty, 4.3%
2. Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, 3.6%
3. Chevrolet Suburban, 3.6%
4. Toyota 4Runner, 3.5%
5. Ford Expedition, 3%
6. GMC Sierra 2500HD, 2.7%
7. Chevrolet Tahoe, 2.1%
8. GMC Yukon XL, 1.9%
9. Toyota Sequoia. 1.7%
10. GMC Sierra 1500, 1.6%
11. GMC Yukon, 1.6%
12. Honda Accord, 1.6%

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