Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nice chart showing cable TV prices since 1995. Found an interesting nugget that shows you are getting a deal! See it here.

Found the link to this chart the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  from Money Box at Slate.

Shows the prices for cable TV in nominal dollars (just the price in that particular year not adjusted for inflation) from 1995 to 2012.

The price of just the basic level of service in 1998 (don't know why they don't have it for the earlier years) was $12.06.  Adjusted for inflation that would be equivalent to $16.99 today.  The actual price in 2012 was $20.55.  We can say that the price of the very basic package increased by +21% more than inflation in general.

The price of the "Expanded Basic Service in 1995 was $22.35 for 44 channels.  The per channel price would be $22.35/44 = $.51.  Put those two numbers in 2012 dollars would be $33.67 and $.77, respectively.

In 2012 the "Expanded Basic Service" was $61.63 for 150 channels. The per channel price would $61.63/150 = .$41.

So, the Expanded Basic Service has increased +83% above the general rate of inflation. OUCH!

However, the per channel price of cable (adjusted for inflation) has DECREASED by 48% since 1995.

I guess that last statistic is something to hang your hat on in terms of value to you from your cable bill. :)

Source: FCC via MoneyBox

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