Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"They see me blog-rollin'. They Hatin'"...I am the Chamillionaire of blogs...

If you look at my blog roll to the right of this page you will see the blogs and other sources I visit on a daily basis (several/many times a day) to learn, gather information, find things to post here and, in general, amuse myself.  It is quite a long list! 

Source: Brad Delong
I consider this my hobby (don't play golf anymore and don't spend much time watching stuff on TV--other than news and news analysis) and it helps me as an Economics teacher to stay up on current events and trends in political and economic thinking. I think it adds value to me as a citizen as well as a teacher. 

However, as of late there are some blogs I just cannot bring myself to click on anymore.  Not that they don't have pertinent or useful information, but because of the caustic, partisan nature in which they present their ideas or policy analysis.  It is difficult to know what is valid and not valid when information is filtered through such a clouded lens.

Otherwise intelligent and fascinating academics with great ideas are sinking to the lowest common denominator in terms of personal attacks.  This is not helpful to the "great unwashed" like me who just want some semblance of decorum and professionalism when reading what they have to say.

Oh, well, I am just having a "blah, blah, blah"  moment.

I will let the two dogs in the cartoon sum up my feelings about the current state of blogging...

Note: If you are not sure about the reference to Chamillionaire in my title, well, enjoy this:

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