Friday, June 15, 2012

A quick reference visual of Federal Govt spending. Another reminder of the failure of the political class and the public that enables them...

Easy reference visual that shows current Federal governement spending in the broad budget categories.  Healthcare (includes Medicare, Medicaid), Social Security, and Interest on the National Debt are areas of mandatory spending---must be carried out regardless, whether the govt has the money or not. Some would say that Defense should be in that category as well.  The "Safety Net" contains unemployment compensation, food assistance and other income support programs.  This is considered (for the most part) a Mandatory part of the budge too.

The Mandatory items mentioned above are the "biggies" in terms of serious budget issues, but are "smalls" in terms of political emphasis.  The powers that be are feasting on the "everything else" in the budget in which each item represents a tiny part of the whole. 
Source: Christian Science Monitor

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