Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oil is found in between a rock and a hard place---Is it a coincidence that is where we find ourselves in terms of our national energy policy??

Dependence on oil--the bane of our existence. There are a couple of interesting trends in this graph.  One is the change in oil consumption (red line) pre and post mid-1980's.  Pre 1980's the trend line increases at an increasing rate--steeper.  Post-1980's the trend line increases but at a decreasing rate--flatter (the big dip in early 80's is due to a severe recession).  Why would that be? Any thoughts as to why? 

Second, is post 1980.  The mirroring of the import line (green) with red consumption line AND the gradual decline of domestic production (black line).  It is hard to see, but imports have increased at an increasing rate significantly as consumption increased and domestic production decreased.

Oil is found, literally, in between a rock and a hard place. Is it not ironic that we find ourselves as a nation, in terms of our energy policy, in the SAME place figuratively AND literally? Just sayin'...   

Source: Wall Street Journal

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