Thursday, March 10, 2011

Apple provides workers a safety net in China---but it is not the kind of safety net you are thinking about...I guess there IS an APP for that!

Source: Wired
 ""It’s hard not to look at the nets. Every building is skirted in them. They drape every precipice, steel poles jutting out 20 feet above the sidewalk, loosely tangled like volleyball nets in winter.

The nets went up in May, after the 11th jumper in less than a year died here. They carried a message: You can throw yourself off any building you like, as long as it isn’t one of these. And they seem to have worked. Since they were installed, the suicide rate has slowed to a trickle.""
Apple outsources the manufacture/assembly of all of its marquee products to a Chinese company called FOXCONN...It has a HUGE facility and employs about 1 million people. They have a history of stress related suicides, apparently from jumping off the buildings...I guess there IS an APP for that!!!!
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