Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Healthcare Spending Graph. Easy to see the problem but how it "fix it"?

Here is a graphic regarding healthcare spending in the US I think is important but rarely talked about.

It is very clear that a small number of people relative to the whole population are responsible for a disproportionate share of heath care dollars. This from the JAMA article that contains the graph:
"...The core of the answer to this question can be read in the chart below, showing the highly skewed distribution of per capita health spending across the US population. The phenomenon is known as the “80-20 rule,” indicating that 20% of any large insured populations tends to account for 80% of all health care spending on that population...."

Health spending is highly concentrated among the highest spenders.

The cited paragraph seems to understate that data presented in the graph, but the point is well taken.

Why do we not discuss a "Marshal Plan" to address the needs of the few that cost us the most?

Rhetorical question, I guess.

The article is about why insurers are abandoning the ACA Exchanges.  It is written in layman's language enough that I think it would be a good read for students.

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