Friday, March 1, 2013

Which V-P's wife do you think sleeps better at night?

The picture of Dick Cheney on the left comes from a t-shirt I bought on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. I saw the picture of VP Biden and could not resist putting the two together to make this meme.

See this graphic on "Big Bank" profits and how much of those profits are from Taxpayer Subsidies. Have a nice Sequestration Day. Meh!!

Bloomberg Online recently published this article and graphic showing "Big Banks" stated profits AND the amount of Federal Government subsidies (money transfers from Govt (Taxpayers!!) to private entities).  Those are the first two bubbles, respectively.

The tiny bubble to the left of the big bubbles represents the difference between the two.  In other words if you subtract the subsidies from the bank profits, you find that MOST of the profits were due to the subsidies.  To put it ANOTHER way, tax money accounted for virtually ALL the profits Big Bank earned.  Meh!

Crony Capitalism.  To make a baseball analogy, the banks listed below form a Farm System for appointees to high level Federal Govt positions--"the Big Leagues".  Unlike baseball, the ones who make it to the Big League of regulation and policy making NEVER forget the farm team. In fact, they are anxious to get back, once their tour of duty is over in D.C. 

Bloomberg Online

Terrific interactive resource on migration patterns for just about every country on earth. Great for a term paper, debate class or Model UN for background info.

Go HERE for the website.  Click on a country and see where people are migrating to and fro.  Nice resource for basic demographic research for a term paper, debate class or Model UN.
Source: Peoplemovin'

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nice graphic showing jobs losses and job gains in the last 4 years cross-referenced by wage level. Where did the Middle Class go??

Here is a nice summary of job losses and jobs gained since the advent of the Great Recession.

They are broken down into wage categories (High, Mid and Low) and by losses (dark blue bar) and gains (light blue bar).

High wage jobs are back to even. Mid-wage jobs have taken a beating.  Low wage jobs have come back with a vengeance.

Is this a textbook case of "hollowing out of the middle class"?
Source: Washington Post

My summary of the impending "Federal Budget Sequestration" in 9 sentences plus a "Have a good day!"!

The "Good News"---The actual amount that agencies need to cut THIS budget year amounts to approx $45Billion, about half the $85Billion we have heard so much about.  The $85Billion number we see bantied about includes cuts that can be delayed into future budget year(s).  I dont say this, the Congressional Budget Office says as much.  Such is the corrupt nature of Federal Budgeting/Accounting.

The "Bad News"---The cuts are "across the board"cuts.  In other words, ALL Federal Agencies affected (not all are) have to cut a few percentage points off ALL programs under their purview, regardless of the merits of the program. If one program is GREAT and very effective, then it has to cut the same percentage as a program that may be ineffective or redundant.  A more significant cut in one area cannot be made to subsidize no cut in another.  Such is the corrupt nature of the way the law was phrased.

Have a good day!!

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