Thursday, February 28, 2013

My summary of the impending "Federal Budget Sequestration" in 9 sentences plus a "Have a good day!"!

The "Good News"---The actual amount that agencies need to cut THIS budget year amounts to approx $45Billion, about half the $85Billion we have heard so much about.  The $85Billion number we see bantied about includes cuts that can be delayed into future budget year(s).  I dont say this, the Congressional Budget Office says as much.  Such is the corrupt nature of Federal Budgeting/Accounting.

The "Bad News"---The cuts are "across the board"cuts.  In other words, ALL Federal Agencies affected (not all are) have to cut a few percentage points off ALL programs under their purview, regardless of the merits of the program. If one program is GREAT and very effective, then it has to cut the same percentage as a program that may be ineffective or redundant.  A more significant cut in one area cannot be made to subsidize no cut in another.  Such is the corrupt nature of the way the law was phrased.

Have a good day!!

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