Saturday, September 22, 2012

Should you be ashamed the workers who assembled your shiny new I-Phone 5 are only paid $2.00 per hour? Well, no, actually you should not be ashamed but encouraged. See here why...

The news aggregator Business Insider has the following headline on its homepage today:

Thank You, Millions Of Anonymous Chinese Workers Making $2 An Hour, We Love Our iPhone 5s!

It also is accompanied by the following picture:

Many of these workers (and/or their parents) moved from the country-side to take these jobs.  Their alternative would be to work jobs like these in the picture below for less (much less) than $2.00 per hour.

Opportunity Cost illustrated...Which worker is the most "exploited" by the economy?

Note: If you think this is a gross exaggeration, you must to read up on recent Chinese economic history.  You need to shed your "rich country" perspective and consider the economic ladder has rungs, not an elevator. 
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