Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interesting view on how money is transimitted into the banking system

I came across this website and it presented a view of money (as printed and put into circulation by the Fed) that, quite frankly, I have never heard of or thought of before.

All new money is loaned into circulation as an interest bearing debt. Since this system only creates the principal and never the interest, the debt is always greater than the money supply

I suppose it is a good question: When the Federal Reserve increases the money supply, why does it go through the banking system to create money through loans, therefore DEBT, as opposed to being spent directly into the economy by individuals, business, or govenments?

Seems as though investors and bankers are the chief beneficiaries...Any comments?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Easy to understand video on the "log-jam" in the Financial Markets.

Why are the banks not loaning the money that they received from the 700 Billion bailout? This video explains what is happening in the Financial System and why banks are not lending...Interesting perspective...

Quantitative easing from Marketplace on Vimeo.

This site has several videos on some of the root causes of the financial crisis, including how some of the financial instuments used and abused. If you are really into investing it is worth a look.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Very funny video on saving "certain jobs"...

This is a very funny video from "The Onion" on saving jobs. BEWARE! The repeat use of the "SH.." word is in this video. Use your judgement as to whether you want to view it

Obama Promises To Stop America's Shitty Jobs From Going Overseas
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