Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another great example of Social Entrepreneurship helping people in poor countries AND creating jobs at the same time...This model of development needs to become the norm...

An excellent example of a concept I believe in more and more everyday---Helping people in developing/poor countries through the promotion of entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.  In this instance, providing low-cost  (NOT "free) eye glasses to people through a network of "health entrepreneurs" who are residents of the areas served. Using local talent to serve local needs--not rocket science, yet it eludes the purveyors of government administered foreign aid.   This is social entrepreneurship in the same vein as my favorite, INDEGOAFRICA....Students---if you are looking for a way to help people improve their lives, social entrepreneurship is the wave of the future...Someone tell me again, why dont groups like this get much recognition???

VisionSpring Global Video from Darby / John-Michael Maas on Vimeo.
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