Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nice video on the state of US Manufacturing and the failure of the US to adapt to the changing nature of work in this industry.

HT: Carpe Diem....A nice, short video on the changing face of American manufacturing.  The popular focus from the media and politicians is the off-shoring of jobs to foreign destinations. True that. However, the elephant in the room of modern day manufacturing is the way work is done in today's factories in the US--it is high tech and takes different skills relative to old-line manufacturing jobs.  They require more education and less phyiscal prowess.  The second video is a production of "The Onion" and how trying to save old manufacturing jobs is, well, not in the interests of a 21st century US. (Warning: Some bad language in that video!!)

Obama Promises To Stop America's Shitty Jobs From Going Overseas
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