Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't you HATE it when you see someone has beaten you to your "Million Dollar Idea"? My island purchase is going to have to wait...

DANG IT!! I think of this EVERYTIME I use a public restroom, wash my hands, then grab the handle open the door...God Bless them. I hope they retire to an island before the age of 25. They will have made my life better....

MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA: This Device Lets You Open Doors With Your Feet

The idea: The Toepener is a handle that attaches to the bottom of a door so you can open it with your feet.
Whose idea: Forge LLC, a cool startup created by University of Minnesota students.
Why it's brilliant: Germaphobes, rejoice: you'll never have to touch a dirty public bathroom door handle ever again. Toepener is also a great alternative to awkwardly opening the door with your elbow when you've got your hands full.


  1. The germaphobe community can rejoice at this. This reminds me of a gift our family got for Christmas last year. My aunt and uncle got us a touch free soap dispenser. I find this quite ironic though... because it is a soap dispenser. I though it was funny because with a regular soap dispenser you touch the "dirty" handle but then lather your hands with none other than "anti-bacteria soap". Well back to the toepener. I feel the germophobes efforts will be stifled next time they touch something outside the bathroom. You just can't win against germs

  2. I think people should get over itzy bitzi germs... and open the door the old school way. Get a bunch of per towels while walking out. Then open the door with the paper towels, and while walking out throw the trash away.


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