Saturday, July 9, 2011

"I am going to a meeting on Capitol Hill to discuss a terrorist plot. Oh, reallly? Where are you going to park? I can't tell you that---it is a secret!"...

I am convinced that many things labeled "Secret" by the Federal government are done so not to sheild the information from "enemies, foreign and domestic", but to keep information from the general public because, well, it is convenient to do so for a variety of reasons. The term "national security" is used as a guise to keep certain policies/decisions secret that would subject agencies to scrutiny they would just assume not have to deal with. The amount of parking available to elected officials and their Capitol staff seems to be an example of this. Abuse of  power??...(HT: Matthew Yglesias)  

How Much Parking Is There at the Capitol
""The public isn't allowed to know.

Seriously: After taking note of the many expanses of concrete available for Hill staffers across the Capitol complex, I asked the Committee on House Administration how many parking spaces it oversees, and how many permits it hands out (each office gets a certain number to divvy up). Apparently, that information would imperil the security of...I'm not sure what exactly. But something.

My suspicion is that it's a big number. Along with infamous Capitol South metro lot, the U.S. of A. also owns parking lots west and south of the Spirit of Justice park, under the Rayburn building, and below Massachusetts Avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets NE. Some of that would be difficult to build on because of existing rail infrastructure. Most of it, of course, is a massive waste of good land served by some of the most robust transit links in the city.""
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