Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Steve Jobs and jobs---See how he creates jobs around the world to produce the i-Pad. How would YOU do it differently?

Resources are not unlimited.

Just look at the two top countries, the US and China. If you wanted to have the technological wizardy of the  i-Pad in the marketplace for a "reasonable" price, and you had to divide up the labor to produce it, which combination of jobs would you want available for US workers? You certainly don't trade an engineering job for a production job. That would not make sense. How about a retail job for a production job? Well, can't do that either, because the retail market is in the US.  If we moved ALL(or some) those production jobs to the US, would the i-Pad be a better product? A more expensive product? LESS expensive? OR is everything basically in balance to bring you the magic that is the i-Pad...Perhaps Comparative Advantage works?

Source: The Conversable Economist
HT: The Conversable Economist
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