Sunday, July 3, 2011

Colleges are accepting more out-of-state students for admissions for the extra money. Does this mean the admittance of FEWER in-state students? There HAS to be some impact "at the margin", right? See interesting statistics here...

Interesting college admissions numbers from California. The acceptance of out-of-state (Foreign students included in this statistic too) has increased dramatically just in one year. As high as a 100% increase and some schools. With budget cuts, they are aggressively accepting more out of states students than they may have otherwise.  The obvious reason is out of state students pay a much higher tuition rate BUT do not cost anymore than an in-state student.  A negative---Does this potentially "crowed out" the admissions of in-state students seeking admittance to a California college/university?  A positive---does this allow the university system to keep tuition rates lower for California residents than they otherwise would be, even at the expense of admitting fewer in-state students?

Source: Matthew Yglesias
HT: Mattew Yglesias
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