Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oil and Bio-Fuels clash...The winner? Better question--The loser? Answer--all of us.

Bad energy policies equal bad outcomes...Two reminders in as to why we need to wean ourselves off of oil AND why using food-for-fuel is NOT the way to do so. You are just subsituting one set of bad trade-offs for another. Can we do better than this?...By the way, I am NOT a hardcore "Greenie"  at all.  I just believe in utilizing resources in the most efficient manner. While oil may have served us very well in the past to get us to an unprecedented level of standard of living, I think diminishing returns are setting in with it and we need to move on to develop a new fundemental source of energy production.  Are we there yet? No...Are we working hard enough to get there? I don't really know, but I believe we should be moving a little quicker to do so. Howver, in my humble opinion, bio-fuels are not the way to go.  Where am I going wrong???
Yellowstone river suffers oil spill
""An Exxon Mobil pipeline that runs under the Yellowstone river in Montana ruptured on Saturday, leaking hundreds of barrels of oil and causing a 25-mile (40km) plume that has fouled the riverbank.

The breach in south-central Montana led to the temporary evacuation of hundreds of residents along a 20-mile stretch of the river, a key tourist attraction in the region that runs through the famous national park of the same name. Cleanup crews deployed booms and absorbent material as the plume moved downstream at around 7mph (10km/h):""....Read more HERE
Biofuels land grab in Kenya's Tana Delta fuels talk of war
""The eviction of the villagers to make way for a sugar cane plantation is part of a wider land grab going on in Kenya's Tana Delta that is not only pushing people off plots they have farmed for generations, stealing their water resources and raising tribal tensions that many fear will escalate into war, but also destroying a unique wetland habitat that is home to hundreds of rare and spectacular birds.
The irony is that most of the land is being taken for allegedly environmental reasons – to allow private companies to grow water-thirsty sugar cane and jatropha for the biofuels so much in demand in the west, where green legislation, designed to ease carbon dioxide emissions, is requiring they are mixed with petrol and diesel.""...Read more HERE

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