Sunday, July 10, 2011

3D Printing---Am I the last to know about this? This is going to change the way we make stuff dramatically...Two short videos here to give you the what-for's and how-to's. AMAZING!

I have heard of this technology called "3D Printing" but had no idea of how it worked until I viewed these two videos.  As a non-techie but someone who can see potential, this is amazing!  It is in its infancy, but I believe we will all see this in the near future. It will change the nature of how manufacturing and how we make stuff. There will be more control at a end user level. HT: Carpe Diem)

The first video shows an example of 3D Printing. The second one is a slightly more technical explanation of the process. You WILL be fascinated!

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  1. I liked watching both videos and was personally unaware that 3-D printers had such capacity. If there is anything that can affect production possibilities the 3-D printer is a likely candidate. However, I wonder if the easy in production that these printers offer will have adverse effects by shutting down entire factories and causing more unemployment. One thing I though was cool was how the guy in the second video was talking about using 3-D printers in the medical field. Imagine the impact it could have if a doctor was able to print out a cell they were examining or possibly magnify it to hundreds of times the size. Maybe the will even line Wal-Marts shelves in just a few years.


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