Friday, March 26, 2010

Did not get into the college of your dreams? Lots of successful people did not either...

From WSJ:  Before They Were Titans, Moguls and Newsmakers, These People Were...Rejected At College Admission Time, Lessons in Thin Envelopes
Few events arouse more teenage angst than the springtime arrival of college rejection letters. With next fall's college freshman class expected to approach a record 2.9 million students, hundreds of thousands of applicants will soon be receiving the dreaded letters.  Teenagers who face rejection will be joining good company, including Nobel laureates, billionaire philanthropists, university presidents, constitutional scholars, best-selling authors and other leaders of business, media and the arts who once received college or graduate-school rejection letters of their own.

 Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

After Harvard Business School said no, everything 'I thought was a crushing event at the time, has turned out for the better.
'Today' show co-host

Had she not been rejected by Harvard, she doubts she would have entered television journalism.

Rejected by Princeton and Harvard. 'I want to be sure to make this point: I did everything I did without a college degree
Broadcast journalist

Harvard rejection prompted him to settle down and stop partying. 'The initial stumble was critical in getting me launched
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