Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nations Biggest Spenders are in Austin....well, DUH!!!

To the list of things that are bigger in Texas, please add: Spenders. According to Bundle's first "How America Spends" report, the top-spending Americans lived in Austin in 2009. Households in the Texas capital averaged $67,076 in overall household expenses (excluding mortgage and rent, which are not included in Bundle's breakdown). Austin's annual spending is 77 percent higher than the national average of $37,782. Households in Scottsdale, Arizona, ranked No. 2, spending $64,687 on average for 2009.  So where's New York City? The five boroughs came in No. 53, with $37,435 in spending for 2009, just below the U.S. average. But if Manhattan were its own city—and some people do think it is—the richest of the boroughs would land at No. 3 on Bundle's list, with annual per-household spending at $59,602.  Bundle's data excludes spending on mortgage and rent, which explains why New York City doesn't top the list, and why the top 25 includes relatively affluent towns with low housing costs. (Ditto for Los Angeles, with its sprawling geography and socioeconomic diversity. That city is No. 42 with $39,422 spent in '09, 4.3 percent higher than the national average.)
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