Friday, January 27, 2012

Point to ponder next time you fill up: How much do we spend on National Defense for each gallon of gas you pump? Yes, I figured that out...See HERE the result.

I read today (I forget where it was, I was reading on my phone waiting for an appointment) that between 11% and 13% (or approx $80 Billion) of the yearly US Defense budget goes, in some form or fashion, to protect the flow of oil from the Middle East.  This is ONLY the "on- budget" items. Much of the war spending is "off-budget", but that is another story.

In the US we consume approximately 138,000,000,000 billion (378 million per day X 365 days, then rounded up) gallons of gas PER YEAR. 

If you divide $80 billion by 138 Billion gallons you get $.58 cents of defense spending per gallon of gasoline consumed in the US. 

Something to think about the next time you are standing at the pump.  That reminds me--I have to go fill up now...
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