Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stay in school and help with the Federal budget. Another great chart showing the link between education and improved social outcomes. Oh, and we spend less money on social programs as well...

This post is not about the value of entitlement programs or if we spend too much or too little on them. This chart reinforces and extends my constant refrain regarding the strong connection between formal (Yes, I know I am limiting the definition) education and relative self-sufficiency.  Usually it is about the link between education and income.  This one connects education and the likelihood of needing benefits from one, two or all three very expensive Federal assistance programs.

Look at just the blue bars (ignore the recessionary period and just look at the "good times") for High Graduate versus Non-High School graduate.  Just finishing high school reduces this populations  likelihood of needing Federal assistance by approx 40%! (50% minus 30% = 20% then divided by 50% = 40%).  That is a serious savings of resources, people and otherwise...Stay in school, PLEASE!
Source: Economix

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