Monday, January 23, 2012

Need your help in estimating the number of jobs either of these policies can/could create...

My thought of day:  

"If a private company spends "X" number of dollars to build a pipeline and the government(s) spend the the same "X" number of dollars to fix roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, should the number of jobs created by either construction project be ROUGHLY the same?" Factor out for a minute the future benefits or costs either of these two projects might have on society.  What is the impact on jobs immediately, since this seems to be the argument of the day regarding this two projects?
I am no engineer. I do not know the answer.  I dont care much about the politics.  I just want to know why one project, in total, allegedly would create lots of jobs and the other would not.  Seems like depending on your policial view, you can insert either "Pipeline" or "Roads, Bridges, other infrastructure" in the appropriate place and get the conclusion you want.
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