Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stay in school kids. It is more important than ever. MUST SEE GRAPHICS that support this view. Ignore at your own peril!

The Pew Research Center has a nice report on the importance of education as a source of personal economic stability.
The Rising Cost of Not Going to College
"...On virtually every measure of economic well-being and career attainment—from personal earnings to job satisfaction to the share employed full time—young college graduates are outperforming their peers with less education. And when today’s young adults are compared with previous generations, the disparity in economic outcomes between college graduates and those with a high school diploma or less formal schooling has never been greater in the modern era...."
The underlining is my emphasis.  Read that again!

Here are a couple of graphics that support this view. There are more at the link above and an extensive discussion of the subject. I encourage you to take a look at it.

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