Thursday, February 13, 2014

Now I see why people stockpile supplies in bunkers. The rest of us cannot control ourselves in times of crisis. See the empty shelves here

Quantity Demanded is greater than Quantity Supplied.  A problem across the South and Southeast.

Much higher prices would served to limit peoples purchasing at the margin.  That is a fancy way of saying pay more so you will leave some for the rest of us, please.

Limits on quantities do not work.  You start a revolving door of the family going in an out to buy stuff or having the kids stand in line with your purchases.

Higher prices might be distasteful but you might actually GET a taste-full (or a full taste)  if people left some food on the shelves.

We can feel good that prices are still low but we do it with hunger pangs or we can complain about high prices while snacking on a bag of chips.

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