Sunday, June 16, 2013

Update on my Stock Market Activity I do for my Econ classes. See my results since 2006...

I just recently updated my simulated Stock Market activity I do along-side my students for the Personal Finance part of my Economics classes (Sometimes with my AP classes but usually just for my "regular" econ classes.

I have students invest $25,000 in the stock of 5 companies.  They choose from a limited list of 100 companies.  Students have to calculate all the information you see below and we follow the stocks for a good part of the semester.

As you can see, I started this in 2006 when the economy was doing well, tanked, then "recovered".

For the most part, this is nominal evidence for not giving up and to "Hold em', Not Fold em' "

Focus on my gain and/or loss(es) and Rate of Return.  I have only one bad one---Speedway Sports owns some of the most well known NASCAR race tracks.  I calculated the total Rate of Return on these stocks at the end.

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