Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Drill, Dig, Baby, Drill, Dig"...Not what many people want to hear BUT it has helped save our economy. Doubt it? Look at these numbers...

I copied this chart from the teriffic website EMSI and added some numbers based off of their data.

The EMSI data show how many jobs there are in certain sectors of the energy and mineral extraction industry and how many ADDITIONAL jobs down the supply chain are needed to support those jobs. From this, they calculate a "jobs multiplier" (This discussion is excellent--go read it!!!).

Example: In "Support Activities for Metal Mining" there were a total of 5,103 jobs in that specific category in 2013.  EMSI estimates that for each of those jobs 7.09 additional jobs were created as supply chain support jobs. So, that category produced a total of 36,180 jobs---the 5,103 direct ones and 31,077 indirect ones created to support those 5,103.  Hope that makes sense.

I was curious as to how many DIRECT jobs were created since 2010 (the end of the recession) and the number of supply chain support jobs created as a result.  They did not have those numbers broken out, so I had to calculate them.

Those numbers are in columns "1" and "2" in bold.

Column 1 has the number of NEW jobs created in each category since 2010.

Column 2 has the number of NEW supply chain support jobs created in each category since 2010, using the same multipliers.

Add them all up.  Since 2010 the number of new direct jobs created is 189,451 and the number of supply chain support jobs is 404,157.

Total jobs created in these categories in the last 3 years and 5 months was 593,608.

Using employment numbers from the BLS archives (Jan 2010 to May 2013) the economy has added 3,969,000 new jobs since January 2010.

So, jobs in the Energy and Mineral Extraction sector have accounted for a MINIMUM of 15% (593,608/3,969,000 X 100) of ALL new jobs since 2010.

Read that percentage again. That is significant.

"Drill, Dig, Baby, Drill, Dig".  I am pretty sure this has helped save our economy...
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