Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Offering a "Free" Class and the Tragedy of the Commons. The teacher becomes the student...

I recently offered a FREE week long class for home schooled that covered the basics of supply and demand.    I did this because I wanted a way to advertise my Fall semester AP Macroeconomics class  I offer online.  I also did it because I LOVE teaching the subject.  The class met for 1 hour and 15 minutes Monday through Friday.

Twenty-two students faithfully attended every day.  Sixty-eight students originally signed up.  Because of the initial interest signaled by those 68 I created two additional class period offerings each day so the one class would not be huge and to give those interested a choice of when to attend.

Four parents wrote me to say they could not attend as they planned.  The rest, well, simply did not care enough to respond---just did not show up.

Tragedy of the Commons---give away something for free and it is valued as such by most at the expense of the few.

For those who attended I would like to thank you all VERY much.  I hope the week was productive for you.  It was my pleasure to serve a terrific group of home-schoolers and your parents.

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