Monday, April 22, 2013

The growth in the printing of $100 bills has increased 500% in 20 years. Where are those Benjamins going? See here for the answer...

The number of $100 dollar bills in circulation has increase dramatically relative to the other US currency denominations in the last 20 years, as you can see from the graph below. 
Bills In Circulation (Percentage Change Since 1990)
Source: NPR Planet Money

Where are those Benjamins going?  A good number are going "off-shore".  Seems the $100 is a nice "Store of Value" for foreigners who want to hold there money wealth in US dollars instead of their own currency.  Nice mattress stuffers!! 

Oh, and it also is probably circulating among drug dealer and other nefarious underworld activities.  Gotta love the CASH!!

Percentage Of $100 Bills Held Outside The U.S. (1990-2011)

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