Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teachers/Students---Here is a link to a TERRIFIC explanation of the the Pros and Cons of a Carbon Tax OR a Cap and Trade system to reduce Carbon Emissions.

There are two primary ways under consideration for reducing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change---A straight carbon tax on individual consumption of fossil fuels (i.e. gasoline) at the point of sale OR a "cap and trade" system  that affects producers of goods and their use of carbon based fuels/energy/inputs.  Both are designed to make emitting carbon more expensive, either directly for the consumer or the producer. Ultimately, the consumer bears the brunt of either policy in higher prices.

Here (Economics in Plain English) is a terrific and pretty definitive lesson/explanation (complete with graphs!) on the pros and cons of implementing a carbon tax.  It contains MANY, MANY Microeconomics topics and concepts that are covered in class and on the AP Microeconomics test.  If you are interested in the topic, this is a must see!

Economics in Plain English also has a most excellent explanation of the Cap and Trade system HERE.

Read both, ponder them, then decide which would be more effective.

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