Saturday, November 17, 2012

Look at this photo then look at your Smartphone. I see the most environmentally friendly device EVER produced. What do you see?

If you have a Smart Phone take it out. Look at all the things it came pre-loaded to do and all the apps you have added to it. 

Now, think of all the separate "gadgets" you either have or used to have that now your pocket-sized phone can do anywhere you go. This photo below really should be much bigger and have many, many more items in it.

I see a device that saves an incalcuable amount of societal natural resources. Start adding it up! Impossible, isn't it? 

Why can't we give a shout out now and then to an economic system, though it has its faults, that produces goods and services that make our lives richer, better and environmentally better off? 

Just askin'...

Source: Carpe Diem
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