Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taking stock of my own ignorance---a 24/7 task...

"I always try to take stock of my own ignorance in certain subjects before I label someone else as such. That seems only fair and I usually find, upon genuine reflection, I don't really know as much as I thought I did..."

Not an original thought. I have seen variations of it from a variety of philosophers. It is prompted by various postings I see in the blogosphere and on my Facebook newsfeed.

I try to post things (here and on my FB page) that either informs; points out something different to; or makes laugh, anyone who wants to read it.  For me it is fun, stimulating, educational, professional development, a hobby, blah, blah, blah...All good stuff!

Many others post things that mock, demean or other wise plays on the "ignorance" of others, and the comments flow in agreement and then some. Congratulatons: you win the game of intellectual superiorty!  I hope you feel better in your cozy blanket of smugness.  I say you are lazy and ask if you were really as smart as you think (know) you are, why not just forgo the "low-hanging fruit" of judgement and let it pass by? 

I guess (ok, er, I know) I have a thin skin. That stuff bothers me, especially when it comes from people I know and respect OR from people  I don't know but I read and respect.

I will just let John Coffey speak for me.  He says it best and definitively. 

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