Saturday, May 19, 2012

You Have $75 Billion To Save The World---How would you spend it? See here how top economist would spend it.

Asked how they would spend $75 Billion dollars (by the Copenhagen  Consensus Center) to help people in the developing world, five of the worlds top developement economists responded by listing, in order of priority, what they would do. The list is below. Go HERE for a short analysis of this list.  Do you agree with these prescriptions?  Would you add something (or subtract)?

You Have $75 Billion To Save the World:  How would you spend it?
1     1.  Bundled interventions to reduce under-nutrition in preschoolers (to fight hunger and improve education)
2   2.  Expanding the subsidy for malaria combination treatment
3   3.  Expanded childhood immunization coverage
4   4.  Deworming of schoolchildren, to improve educational and health outcomes
         5.  Expanding tuberculosis treatment
6     6.  R&D to increase yield enhancements, to decrease hunger, fight biodiversity destruction, and lessen the effects of climate change
7   7.  Investing in effective early warning systems to protect populations against natural disaster
8    8.  Strengthening surgical capacity
      9.    Hepatitis B immunization
1   10.  Using lowcost drugs in the case of acute heart attacks in poorer nations (these are already available in developed countries)
1   11.  Salt reduction campaign to reduce chronic disease
1    12.  Geo-engineering R&D into the feasibility of solar radiation management
1   13.  Conditional Cash Transfers for School Attendance
1   14.   Accelerated HIV Vaccine R&D
E  15.  Extended field trial of information campaigns on the benefits of schooling
1   15.  Borehole and public hand-pump intervention


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