Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A nice, easy to read graphic showing the changes in spending in the Federal Budget over the last 50 years..Pretty eye-opening!

A nice visual showing how the components of the Federal Budget (Discretionary and Non-Discretionary elements) have change over the past 50 years.  Here is how you read this---in 1962 Defense spending was 51.7% of the budget, in 1987 it was 29.7% and in 2011 is was 22.6%. Easy to see that Defense spending, while in total dollars spent has increased dramatically, has decreased by more than half relative to everything else in the Federal budget. 

If you look at the categories in 1962 then look at them in 1987 and 2011 you see a significant shuffling of the categories.  Public transfer payments (money moving from the govt to individuals) has increased dramatically---See Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Safety Net programs, etc.  Direct Federal government spending on "stuff"--transportation, roads, and "everything else" has decreased in proportion.

Source: NPR viaThe Big Picture
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