Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nice example of Entreprenuership and using technology to solve a market problem. See a need, meet that need.

Nice example of how entrepreneurship can create an opportunity for one person to solve a problem for another.  However, it is not enough just to come up with the idea or solution. You must doggedly pursue it, as long as it has merits.

"“energy and persistence conquers all things”--Ben Franklin

This Man Turned Small Business Headaches Into An Opportunity
Nearly a decade ago, Eric Remer had a big idea for a new business.
He noticed that small businesses were suffering because they simply couldn't efficiently get their customers to pay them on time. Most of the existing payment processing options were geared toward larger businesses and the small, family-owned ones couldn't keep track of everyone who owed them money.
"Small business owners don't typically have the time or the resources to follow up with unpaid invoices," Remer told us. "Maybe a while ago that would be okay, but in today's economy, it's definitely not."
So Remer decided to launch PaySimple. It would be a platform that included features, such as recurring billing, electronic invoicing and telephone payments. And customers would be able to choose what payment option works best for them, whether that be auto-recurring billing, electronic check processing or direct debit. If the business didn't have a web site—and they often did not— PaySimple would create one for them.
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