Wednesday, March 28, 2012

China is now our 3rd largest EXPORT market. Nice interactive graphic showing each US States share of those exports. This is a growing market for US goods and services. We can either fight it or benefit from it.

If economic expansion does not cause China's political system to implode, the opportunities to do business there are in their infant stages. US companies and entrepreneurs must get on board with looking to "The East" for opportunities. Students should also be aware of this and figure out how to take advantage of it as well. It is a growth area where there seem to be few.

Go HERE to the US China Business Council website and you will see the interactive graphic below.  Click on your state and see an overview of exports to China from that state.

 Keep in mind the percentage change will be dramatic because exports to China started at a low base number---exports to China on a larger scale are a relativly new thing.  None the less, China is now are 3rd largest export market, behind Canada and Mexico. 

Source: USCHINA Business Council

HT: Carpe Diem for link
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