Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baseball Fans: A little on the business side of the game---Nice chart showing each teams Debt to Equity Ratio. Easy question: Who has the most equity and smallest debt? Hint, it is the same team.

Notice the Key: The BLUE bar is the teams Debt. The RED bar is Equity, or in laymans terms, the portion that is "Free and Clear" owership of the team for the franchise owners.

Notice the tiny sliver of Blue  and the large chunk of Red for the Yankees. Very unbalanced and gives the Yankees a competitive edge over just about everyone else.  Very little debt to finance and lots of equity they can leverage to "buy" the best talent on a consistent basis.

Does this guarantee a "winner"? No, but it certainly gives them a better chance to win every year, whereas many other teams have a "one and done" (sometimes for decades) shot at winning a World Series.

Source: EconPic
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