Friday, January 6, 2012

Important graph for teachers and students...There are many reasons for income inequality. However, I believe THIS graph illustrates a MAJOR underlying reason for it...Think about it...

It may be more helpful to just look at the numbers below the graph to see what is going on. 

There is lots of talk about income inequality and where it stems from...I think most reasons cited are way off base.  I believe THIS ONE is a major source of it but the least talked about. 

Education (college/community college/trade school, etc) is the key to (1) a better standard of living (materially and intellectually), and (2) the likely-hood of staying gainfully employed  thoughout your life. 

Nothing is guaranteed, but education is becoming like insurance in many ways.  We hate to pay for it but it sure comes in handy when you need it...or something like that.

Source: Matthew Iglesias

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  1. Why are there no jobs for High School Graduates, but a few jobs in the long run for those with less than high school? Is drug dealing included in this info-graphic?


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