Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just did a comparison between the growth of Texas State Employment and Federal Employment during the Recession. What is my conclusion? We have a President named Rick Obama and a Governor named Barack Perry...

I used US Census data to get these numbers. Click on the numbers to go to the specific Census page with the data.  At BOTH levels of government employment increased DURING the recession.  NOW I am confused as to who is the "Big Government Liberal"...

Texas 2009                   265,310  
Texas 2007                   259,578          

State Employees INCREASED  by 5,732  or +2.2%
The percentage of State Employees to the population of Texas is (265,310/24,782,302) = 1.07%

Federal  2009               2,823,777
Federal  2007               2,730,050

Federal Employees INCREASED by 93,727 or +3.4%
The percentage of Federal Employees to US population is (2,823,777/310,000,000) = .91%.
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