Sunday, June 5, 2011

View this short video on Horizontal Drilling and the controversial technique called "Fracking". The video shows only the mechanics of how fracking works NOT the negative side effects.

I have heard alot of the controversial drilling technique called "Fracking" that takes place with a relatively new concept of Horizontal Drilling to get at either natural gas or oil.  I have to admit I did not really know the physical process of how either of these techniques worked. This short video, produced by an energy company shows the actual process.  They OBVIOUSLY leave out the negative externalities produced by this process (contaminated groundwater, etc). And they are numerous.  The purpose for me posting this link is just so you can see how the drilling technique and fracking work in practice. You can see for yourself how this process can produce negative side effects on the environment.

 I did not know about the little "explosions" that is the source of fracking.  If anyone knows of a video that objectively shows the MECHANICS (not the politics) of horizontal drilling, I would appreciate the link and will post it. 


Yes, I am familiar with the "documentary" Gasland...Here is the link to that site if you want another view of Fracking...
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