Friday, June 10, 2011

A nice graphic showing Skilled Immigrants out number Un-skilled immigrants in the US. This is a GOOD thing for us. Now we don't have to do math and science if we don't "feel like it"...

For the first time, immigrants classified as "skilled" outnumber those classified as "un-skilled" in the US.  This graphic shows where in the country this is taking place.  I saw this and immediately thought of two maps I posted a couple of weeks ago.The first one is the wage differential around the US and the second one for job postings relative to the areas population. Both are posted below... Notice a pattern? If you step back and look at them all together it i fairly obvious what is going on.  Skilled immigrants "appear" in places where there are lots of job openings relative to the population AND the average wage in those areas is higher relative to other areas of the country.  I believe many (most?) of these jobs are of a technical  nature and require math and science knowledge at the highest levels. The demand simply cannot be satisfied domestically. What do you think?  Please, REALLY think about this before you respond. Looking for thoughtful answers, not arrow slinging...Thanks!
Source: Chartporn

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