Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interested in majoring in Economics? The link enclosed will be very useful to you. Find out what 7 of the most powerful new economists are doing...

Go HERE to see this economists opinion on who are the 7 most powerful new economists.  More importantly, he provides a picture and short bio on each of them.  If you are interested in what economists do for research, this will be VERY informative for you. 

From: Dan Ariely
Many people have contributed over the years to Behavioral Economics–too many to mention here. The individuals on this list have not only changed the face of economics as we know it, but they are likely to contribute a great deal more in the years to come. Each of these individuals has tremendous creativity and insight that has enabled them to capture and explain our odd, complex, and sometimes irrational human nature. Armed with this new understanding of human behavior, and taking our human weaknesses into account, behavioral economics could help us take steps toward designing a better world.
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