Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tips for improving your chances of admittance to an "Elite" college---Take them for what they are worth...

Tips for High School students wanting to increase your chances of admittance to an "Elite" school (you define that as you wish).  Worth a look and it might help you in general in preparing for that next step... Here is the LINK and below is my personal favorite:
"If you've taken nine or more Advanced Placement tests, you're more than twice as likely to be admitted into an elite school as applicants who have taken no AP tests.
With nine or more AP tests, your chances are 36.2 percent. With three AP tests, they're 20.9 percent. With none, they're 15 percent. Number of AP tests taken "is a proxy for 'rich white kids,'" says O'Shaughnessy. "If you're a rich white kid, you have more access to APs. You're going to attend a high school where people live and breathe APs. You've got an advantage.”"
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