Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What do this Matador and a Teacher at O.D. Wyatt have in common?

I can sympathize with this bullfighter. This is the way I felt after my first two weeks at O.D. Wyatt High School in Ft. Worth.  I lost my courage and wanted to break my contract!.  I had to teach Freshman Geography and they were the bulls and I was the timid matador---I was "gored" by the students for awhile! Mr Weaver saved my bacon.  I will never forget him... LOVE O.D. WYATT!!!! :)

From BBC: Mexican bullfighter flees from ring (click link to see video)
""A bullfighter was arrested, apparently for breach of contract, after he turned and ran from the ring at the beginning of a fight. Cristian Hernandez later re-entered the ring but soon left again and was taken to a police station. Several months ago, another bull had gored Hernandez in the leg. After his latest ordeal the matador has said he will retire from bullfighting.""

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