Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Terrorism Funded with US Food Aid...Yes, it is true...

NYTimes: Somalia Food Aid Bypasses Needy, U.N. Study Says...So shameful, but predictable...Is it an acceptable price to pay for HALF of food aid sent to Somalia is siphoned off to crooks, thieves, terrroists, politicians (interesting grouping)? 
"As much as half the food aid sent to Somalia is diverted from needy people to a web of corrupt contractors, radical Islamist militants and local United Nations staff members, according to a new Security Council report."
Much of this is courtesy of US taxpayers who fund the agricultural sudsidies that produce a surplus of food commodities that in turn is sent as food aid.  Is it a stretch to say we indirectly fund terrorism against the very people we are trying to help?
“Some humanitarian resources, notably food aid, have been diverted to military uses,” the report said. “A handful of Somali contractors for aid agencies have formed a cartel and become important power brokers — some of whom channel their profits, or the aid itself, directly to armed opposition groups.”
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