Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lifting people out of poverty through social enterprising and entrepreneurship..I wish I was this ambitious..

BBC: "Social enterprise helps Malawi's poor"
Lifting people out of extreme poverty though social enterprising and entrepreneurship...An organization that helps women with AID's/HIV improve their lives by giving them medical care and support in finding jobs and creating small businesses...Blessed are those who serve people in this manner. I wish I had the courage to do this!
People here are obviously very poor. It is the recipe for a major health crisis, one that is far beyond the resources of the government to cope with. But in the last three years, they have joined forces with Partners In Health (PIH), a social enterprise dedicated to providing quality health care to the world's poorest people. PIH believes that social factors are as important as medical ones. They do not just offer medical care, but practical help as well. They argue that the poor need food, homes, work and education in order to stay healthy, not just tablets and surgery. This means that a lot of their work does not take place in hospitals, but out in the community...PIH also helps patients get jobs. In a nearby town, a group of 15 women recently set up their own restaurant with the support of PIH. They are former prostitutes, and all are HIV positive. The women, all on anti-retroviral medication, wanted a business, not only to provide money to live on, but to give them a sense of pride in themselves.
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