Sunday, December 20, 2009

World Hunger Drops Significantly Since 1970...Is this GOOD NEWS???

World hunger has dropped significantly since 1970.  From what I understand in reading comments from the Economist site I got this from, a significant portion of the drop came in India AND the data may actually support an increase in malnutrition rather than hunger.  I suppose that makes sense since it is ground zero for the "green revolution" in agriculture.  The dramatic increase starting in 2004-05 is a curiosity.  I believe there was a convergence of things that caused this.  The price of food increased dramatically during this period, not as a result in decreased supply (the usual suspect), but because of increased demand from emerging economies (China et al) for better quality food items, and the mandates for ethanol production from the Congress (and European countries too) to add to the nations fuel supply to make it cleaner.  I am open to other ideas as to why hunger/malnutrition decrease so dramatically during this period....:)


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