Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This chart (click to enlarge) has SO MUCH information I dont even know where to start in analyzing it.  The over-arching theme that emerges is the market capitalization of the Top 25 is less than it was 10 years ago, which suggests (1) the overall market capitalization (or value of all companies) for world industry collectively is LESS than it was 10 years ago relative to the whole "pie", because  mid-sized to smaller companies have a bigger share of capitalizaton (it has been a "zero-sum game") or (2) there is "devolution" going on in industry toward less concentration at the top and more dispersed capitalization ("demorcatization of capital?) across industry (the pie is not bigger, but more evenly shared), or (3) Economic growth is occuring overall so the pie is gettng bigger but the "top dogs" are getting less of it as a share. I dont know if this is overall a satisfactory answer...Also, the compostion and international nature of industry has changed as well.  Note the emergence of China, Brazil, Australia, The Netherland and India.  Creative Destruction has played a big part in shifting resources to alternative uses.  Some for the better (energy) and perhaps TOO MUCH to the detriment (finance/banking).. Note at the bottom the companies that have fallen out of the top.  Some have disappeard altoghter!! I am interested in any other comments/analysis of the plethora of information provided here.

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