Saturday, August 30, 2014

Discrimination is alive and well against fruits and veggies in the EU.

The European Union (EU) has strict standards (see HERE) when it comes to the sale of certain fruits and vegetables.

In order to be sold in markets they must meet not only quality specifications but "appearance" standards as well.  This results in LOTS of food waste because the "Ugly Fruit and Veggies" never make it to the selves.

This article is about a woman in Portugal who is taking on the problem of "Lookism" in produce section.

Portuguese Food Co-op Fights Back Against EU-Mandated Waste

Baylen Linnekin speaks with Maria Canelhas from Fruta Feia, which has saved literally tons of great food from the garbage.

Seems like this is a way to keep prices high as well.  There is plenty of ugly produce that is perfectly edible and meets all the standards for consumption.

Ugly Produce is a suitable substitute for "Beautiful Produce".  A face palm to the concept of Substitution Bias.

Guess this guy below would not be welcome at a super marche' in Paris.  Looks like he could whoop up on the other veggies in the bins.

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